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In 2009, Nora Egger, Founder, embarked on a mission to create a line all natural flower syrups, handcrafted using real flowers and botanicals from around the world. Her extensive travel for nearly two decades around the world led her to experience unique botanical drink cultures and wanted to bring that home, and voila, an idea was born!


Our small batch cocktail & soda syrups have a harmonious sweet & citrus balance and less pure cane sugar than traditional syrups. After 14 years, we still produce each bottle by hand, crafted from 10 gallon batches.


We call our syrups 'Elixirs' as they have less sugar than regular syrups, have a light citrus undertone, and are concentrated in flavor, making them ideal for cocktails & non-alcoholic drinks.

Nora is always on the look out for more flavors and is constantly in the kitchen trying new things.


Whether for special occasions, dinner parties, holidays, or celebrations, our syrups elevate the cocktail bar and are an absolute joy to anyone who loves flowers and botanicals.

Quality Ingredients 

We wanted to create an incredible, unique drinking experience so we use all natural and organic ingredients, and botanicals sourced from around the world to create each bottle individually.

Environmentally Aware

Our products and packaging are 100% recyclable and reusable. The labels on our bottles come off easily and smoothly - and are perfect for reusing as infused olive oil and vinegar bottles for the home and as gifts!

A Balanced and Equitable Work Environment


We believe the happier our employees the better our products are! We are a woman owned and run company and we believe in a living wage, and a harmonious work/life balance offered to staff. We believe that flexible schedules and paid time off are a key component to offering a hospitable working environment.

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