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The Lavender Botanist

Lavender is bliss. It’s gorgeous, fragrant, and delicious. Having been cultivated already in the ancient world from Egypt to China, this exciting flower is still a part of our everyday lives as a fragrant ingredient in our kitchens. How could we not have created our Lavender Elixir?

Today’s drink is an herbal masterpiece, hence its name: The Lavender Botanist. Lavender has such a strong, distinguished aroma, we can always remember it. It carries you over great meadows on hot summers with never ending sunshine, bees buzzing, crickets chirping and it feels like time itself has stopped…

No wonder ancient cultures used it during rituals and in herbal baths. So, let’s immerse ourselves in this gorgeous cocktail with our Lavender Elixir then!

We hesitated a little on this one. What drink can we pair with such a strong and special flavor? Shall we go safe or let’s be bold? We voted for gin and my gosh, was it a good idea.

’De gustibus non est disputandum’ – ’In matters of taste, there can be no disputes’. We are not wise elders of the ancient world but can agree on this one. We chose The Botanist, as like us at Floral Elixir Co., they’re fully committed to be an all natural and sustainable brand.

And, naturally, since Lavender is such a widely used flower, you can always keep it simple for a non-alcoholic treat: throw a few rocks in your glass, top it with soda water and enjoy your wonderful, all natural mocktail.

So be a Botanist today - right in your own home!

Lavender Botanist Ingredients:

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Such an easy cocktail to make, and so smooth!

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