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botanical syrups for cocktails, floral soda syrups, orange blossoom

Handcrafted Botanical Syrups for
Cocktails & Sodas


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About Floral Elixir Co.

We create exquisite cocktail & soda syrups using the finest flowers & botanicals sourced from around the world. We are a woman-owned and run business that takes pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our syrups are made in small batches by hand, ensuring the highest quality in each bottle.

Make stunning drinks with easy to follow recipes. 
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Customer Reviews

flower cocktail kits for cocktails and sodas. tea cocktails, mother's day gift

"I originally found this at the NYBG gift shop and was blown away. It’s concentrated so very little is needed - I've invented new summer cocktails and mocktails that everyone loves."

all natural hibiscus elixir syrup

"The hibiscus tastes tart and fresh - not too syrupy sweet! We made vodka cocktails for the adults, and used the recipes on the bottle to make non-alcoholic sodas for the kids."

Whiskey With Ice

"The chamomile in an old fashioned is AMAZING. Maker's mark, chamomile syrup, dash of bitters over a big iced cube. That's it. And my bf is nuts for it. GET THIS!"

all natural rose elixir syrup

"I’ve finally found a rose syrup that actually

tastes like real roses!."


"I love this stuff! It smells and tastes delicious! I use it to make lavender lattes and they always turn out great. I also really appreciate the limited ingredients that I can actually understand.."

all natural prickly pear elixir syrup

"I bought this Prickly Pear to use with my SodaStream - I only needed to use a little and it's also not overly sweet which I love. This makes delicious, refreshing sodas!"

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